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Personal withdrawal from customer’s staff and incorporation them to Blagoda’s staff. That means that employees are working at their workplaces like before and discharge duties, but all obligations connected with personnel are undertaken by provider.

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Blagoda is specialized on search, selection and employment of staff with qualifications required by the customer. Our company selects and recruits employees of: core/non-core production, technical, linear specialists, non-production staff (canteen staff, sports facilities employees, cleaning staff, promo-personnel, watchmen, guards).

Major benefits of Blagoda come from field experience not only in staff search and selection, but also in supervision and interaction with above named staff. Owing to outsourcing direction which is also presented in Blagoda’s activities, we have continuous possibility to get deep into specific features of each profession and accordingly to get to know all challenges and tasks employer is faced with. Based on this experience and interaction with our Customers we provide better results and higher quality employees recruiting.

Mass recruitment

Mass recruitment provides for big number of same or similar position employees search and selection. Blagoda company is reliable partner in mass recruiting of production, non-core, technical and logistic segment staff.

    Thus, major benefits from such activities passing to outsourcing:
  • possibility to focus on key position staff selection

  • search for ample number of employees within short timeframe

  • services charge upon performed work considering warranty period for selected employee, meaning necessary changes number of employee in cases non-conformance.

    The following companies are mass recruiting beneficiaries:
  • those opening new manufacturing areas or logistic hubs

  • those substantially extending available facilities

  • That means that those are companies HR department of which has top priority - to provide ample number of employees for production facilities within short timeframe. No doubt, it is reasonable to subcontract this work to outsourcing either in full or in case the company has tight deadlines – to start cooperation with outsourcing company parallel to own company’s HR department activities.

Blagoda’s focus specialization and experience in above listed staff segments provides us with competitive strength backed up with deep knowledge of the subject and awareness of our Customers’ demands.

Rare specialists selection

The name as it is “Rare specialists selection” explains the meaning of this direction of activities mostly focused on skilled narrow niche employees.

As Blagoda company is specializing in production, technical, non-core and logistic staff segments, we can be of assistance searching for rare specialists in production and technical segments, as non-core and most of logistic staff does not imply rare fields of expertise.

    Along with standard techniques of staff search and selection, special purpose tools to search for rare profession experts are used:
  • Customer’s competitors detailed analysis and studies;

  • insolvent companies analysis runned business in the same or similar segment with Customer;

  • activities in candidates search at dedicated fairs, workshops, conferences and events;

  • regional search (implying cnadidates search all over Ukraine and even in the other countries);

  • credentials method (rare specialists search through friends, former colleagues, collegules of former colleagues, etc.);

  • required professional search through professional social networks;

  • and other tools.

Blagoda has all necessary internal resources (qualified HR-Department, experience, knowledge, liability for the results, etc.) to provide required tools in searching professionals in demand for Customer, even unique niche experts.

Head Hunting

Type of recruiting meaning employees search and selection among those who do not search employment at the moment.

Speaking easy, it means tempting required professional away.

It is the most expensive recruiting, including long-term thorough process both the company being employer of professional in need as well as such employee’s working environment, his/her direct and indirect motivation. In case necessary it also probides for habits, interests, family status and additional data overview to make detailed portrait of professional in demand for the Customer. Only all obtained data can become the ground to make specific offer in such a way to be super attracrive to professional in each issue and assure his/her hunting.

In case you faced with such a task, to get certain professional, Blagoda will be your reliable parner in reaching this goal. However let us emphasise that this direction of recruitment is rather expensive and Customer needs to be ready to the fact that getting required professional will need investments which shall be considered as investments into contribution which this professional further on will make to Customer’s business.