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Outsourcing, outstaffing and recruitment

Based on our outsourcing, outstaffing and recruitment experience we can assure you that our mutual project in above named fields will be successful without any doubt!

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Success with Blagoda Подробнее

Blagoda pays you respect and propose to consider cooperation with our company throughout the various regions of Ukraine.

Blagoda is specialized in outsourcing, outstaffing and recruitment for manufacturing businesses, warehouse logistics, on-line trade companies, retail businsses, etc. Basic profile of staff we provide: core/non-core production, technical, non-production staff (cleaning staff, canteen staff, and promotional personnel), etc.

6 years
of successful operation
Request success rate is 99.6%
We have provided over 1 000 000 man-hour
from 4 to 2500
man-hour per day
Cover up to 500% fluctuation
(0-120 persons/day)

About us

Dear parnters and site guests!

Happy to welcome you at out web-site, we appreciate your interest to Blagoda company.

Free calls for fixed-line and mobile phones

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Blagoda company Подробнее

Blagoda is solutions provider in human resource management field.

It has started the activities in 2010. Blagoda's headquarter is located in Kharkov and for the time being we have representative offices at Kiev and Lviv. At present Blagoda is fast growing organization extensively expanding network of branch offices throughout Ukraine.

Key criterion of our work is improvement and optimization of the processes delegated to us by the Customer. Holistic approach to each of the tasks at hand allows implementing intended targets in the shortest possible time in the optimum way for the Customer.

Our HR-providing key and core activities are focused on provision, search, selection and recruitment, withdrawal into our staff, HR administration on short and long term basis for food staff, logistic, tobacco, brewing, meat-processing, bakery, confectionary and sale segments, and also for distance selling companies.

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Outsourcing, outstaffing and recruitment

Blagoda provides solutions in the following spheres of HR field:

  • Staff provision on temporary, seasonal, periodic, permanent basis.
  • Personnel withdrawal from Customer’s staff and transfer to provider’s staff.
  • Staff search, selection and recruitment.

Free calls for fixed-line and mobile phones

0 (800) 505 245

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Possibility to charge payroll cost to expenditures-services items and get proportional tax credit against VAT for the period under report.


Guaranteed demands execution, otherwise we will repay twice.


Possibility to concentrate on key business processes and tasks.


Employee replacement within 6 hours.



Staff turnover reduction.


Staff cost savings up to 35%.


HR, accounting department workload reduction and payroll budget cutting.


Manufacturing, financial risks and labor relation risks reduction.


Main clients of our HR-provider are food stuff, logistic, tobacco, trade segment companies, along with distance selling companies, etc.

Free calls for fixed-line and mobile phones

0 (800) 505 245

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All personal data of individuals being in charge for the project is provided by complete agreement of the Customer and will never be disclosed to the third persons. Blagoda guarantees that information received will be used exclusively for the purposes it was disclosed, and that such data will be destroyed upon first request of the Customer at any moment.

Let us assure you that we are very serious towards confidential information protection. Company staff is aware of above stated requirements to provide complete safety of data. Employees are charged with the duty to keep strict confidentiality policy. Each our employee is personally liable for such requirements observation in accordance with applicable legislation.


Thank you for giving us credence and considering Blagoda as candidate in outsourcing, outstaffing and recruiting services provision. We are highly appreciating each address and feedback!

Free calls for fixed-line and mobile phones

0 (800) 505 245

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Chief Executive Officer
Aleksey Korobka

“It’s a pleasure to recognize that for the time being more than ever companies know about our activities and realize the benefits of outsourcing, outstaffing and consider cooperation in these field with a keen interest.”

HR Director
Nadezhda Rybka

“Best assessment of my performance is acknowledgements of employees we provide and efficient solution of the tasks entrusted by our clients.”

Dmitriy Yakovlev

“Let me thank our partners and staff to contribute to company development; experience we’ve got become the ground to enhance the quality of services we provide and inspiration to outrun achieved results.”

Chief Accountant
Yevgeniya Artyukh

“It is very important each of us be appropriate and do whatever he/she likes and does professionally. Smile on accountant’s face indicates that accountant enjoys his/her work, and smiles of management and personnel say that accountant is coping with assigned tasks.”


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